WRS Athletic Club

Welcome to WRS Athletic club. We are a locally owned and operated health club serving the Waco area for 24 years. WRS was started in 1995 as an executive adult health club promoting first class health and fitness. Over the past 24 years we have maintained that philosophy as the health industry expands. We strive to provide a clean and friendly atmosphere where our members can be comfortable in their pursuit of health and Fitness.

Robbie Little - Owner


Nadya was born in Russia where at a very young age she learned the importance of body management while she studied Rhythmic Gymnastics and Dancing. After graduating from Perm State Technical University with a Master’s in Engineering and postgraduate in Marketing she decided to go back to the thing she loved the most, dancing. After traveling all over Russia and Europe working as a dancer, teaching Zumba and choreographing dance routines, she found a new passion for Pilates.  Pilates was always a part of her dance training, but she quickly realized that the joy of helping others was something she had always strived for. Using her past experiences and knowledge she gratefully passes on the love of a healthy lifestyle by teaching Palates, Barre and Dance Fitness. Nadya has her certifications as a Pilates Mat Instructor (Balanced Body University), Pilates Reformer Instructor (Balanced Body University), Zumba Instructor (Zumba Association), and as a Group Fitness Instructor (American Council of Exercise). She also currently continues her Certification as a Comprehensive Apparatus instructor (Balanced Body University).


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