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Personal Training

WRS is proud to offer a first class group of personal trainers. Whether you are an exercise novice or an Olympic athlete, our trainers will meet you on your fitness journey and propel you to the next level. We will be updating this page over the next few weeks. Featured below is detailed information about our personal trainers and any open times they have for training.

DAVID HILL - David Hill, Six Degree Black Belt, guides his clients through the areas of kickboxing, self-defense, weight management, strength and conditioning training. Kickboxing includes a full-body workout of punches, jabs, uppercut, kicks, eye and hand coordination, and cardiovascular exercise second to none. Self Defense training can teach special techniques for breaking an attacker’s grasp and other things you can do to get away. Attackers usually anticipate how their victim might react. David teaches you ways to surprise your attacker and catch him or her off guard. Weight Management and Strength Training will use resistance methods to build muscle and strength. Learn what you need to know to pursue a healthy weight and exercise plan that is right for you.

David’s Qualifications include: International Kickboxing Champion for six years straight, Six Degree Black Belt, Instructor of the Year in Hapkido under Grand Master John Pelligrini (2003), Instructor of the Year in Tae Kwon Do (2003), Inducted into The International Martial Arts Hall of Fame (2003), Certified Instructor in Ground Grappling, Master Instructor in Tae Kwon Do, Master Instructor in Hapkido, Certified U.S.A Boxing Coach, Member of the Master Council in the Independent Tae Kwon Do Association.

GRETCHEN CHILES - Gretchen has been an Aerobics Instructor for 24 years and a Personal Trainer for 12 years. She holds her BS in Education from Baylor, Aerobics and Personal Training certifications from AFAA & the Cooper Institute for Aerobics, and Kickboxing Instructor Certification from Thomas the Promise Enterprises. She has taught almost every fad or new style of aerobics that has come and gone over the years. Gretchen has taught at Waco Athletic & Racquet Club, Lakewood Tennis & Fitness Club, and has been with WRS for 4 1/2 years. In addition to her fitness career, Gretchen has 15 years teaching experience from Midway School district. Gretchen is married to David, and they have two daughters, Taylor (16) and Bailey (6). Her hobbies include working out, reading and being a soccer mom. Originally from Kountze, TX, Gretchen's favorite quote is "It's not about you," from The Purpose Driven Life, by Rick Warren.

JAN MARTINELLI - Jan has lived in Waco since her graduation from Baylor and the Caruth School of Dental Hygiene in 1977. She worked as a hygienist for 20+ years and often spoke to patients about nutrition related to dental care. In 2001, she became a personal trainer after losing her husband and mother to cancer. She has received certifications in personal fitness training, strength training, and dietary guidance from the Cooper Institute in Dallas, as well as her Masters in Fitness Training. She received her Lifestyle Coaching Certification in 2004 from the Paul Chek Institute in California. She works with private clients and groups on achieving a healthier and happier lifestyle through exercise, stress management, and nutrition. She has been working at WRS Athletic Club for 6 ˝ years.

JOEL DELANEY - Joel brings 6 years of personal training experience to WRS. He is certified through the American Council on Exercise. Showcasing his bodybuilding background are 10 years of competitive experience and 9th place in the NPC Junior Nationals. He attended Tarkio College in Missouri on a football scholarship. He is married to Sandy, has two sons, Dustin and Chase, and a dog, Milo. Joel's hobbies include working on his 1965 Mustang, yark work, and all other duties assigned by his wife. He hails from Malone, NY and his favorite quote is "He who humbles himself, will be exalted, and he who exalts himself will be humbled."

JULIE COSKREY -Julie Coskrey, currently holds a BA in Exercise Science with a teaching certificate from Schreiner University. Out of college she taught Physical Education and coached basketball, volleyball, track and tennis with the Northside I.S.D. in San Antonio. In 1995, Julie moved to Waco with her husband Tommy and son Ross. She taught Physical Education at Midway Intermediate School Midway I.S.D. until the birth of her daughter Chandlar in 1998. Julie began working at WRS Athletic Club in 1998. She received her Personal Fitness Training certification from the Cooper Institute in Dallas and her Aerobic certification from AFAA. She has over 15 years experience in the fitness industry. Julie's favorite quote is "Tribulations bring about perseverance, and perseverance brings about proven character, and proven character brings about hope, and hope does not disspoint" Romans 5:1-5.

Available training times: MWF 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. and TTH 9:00 - 11:30 a.m.

ODELL JAMES - Odell brings 4 years of personal training experience and is certified through National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association (NESTA). He is also the Assistant Director of Football Operations at Baylor University. His specialty programming includes weight loss and athletics. Odell received his BSE double major in Speech Communication & Sociology from Baylor in 2001. Originally from Houston, Odell and his wife have 3 children. His hobbies include reading & playing sports on Xbox. Odell’s favorite quote is “Even strong young lions sometimes go hungry but those who trust in the Lord will never lack any good thing” Ps 34:10.

OMAR SALAZAR - Exercise guru, Omar Salazar, has been a personal trainer since 1995 and Membership/Program Director at WRS Athletic Club since 1999. Omar begin his personal workout program because he was overweight. He began running and studying the benefits and nutrition of healthy eating. Omar is responsible for compiling the programs for the WRS membership. Such events include Walk on the Dam, Health Fairs, speaker programs with topics such as 911 and cell phones, fraud and identity prevention, and living with fibromyalgia. Omar is the instructor of the Arthritis Exercise Program at WRS, formerly known as PACE (People with Arthritis Can Exercise).

In addition to his duties and services offered at WRS, Omar serves on the Board of Directors for the Arthritis Foundation. Recipient of the “Volunteer of the Year Award” in 2003 and the “Jefferson Award” in 2004, Omar is a personal trainer for an individual or group. Omar’s certifications and qualifications include: Personal Trainer Certification from the Cooper Institute, Certified PACE Instructor from the Arthritis Foundation, Certified in Tai Chi from the Arthritis Foundation, and Master Trainer of “Matter of Balance” from the Area Agency on Aging. Omar spends his free time volunteering, biking, jogging, and lifting weights.

ROBBIE LITTLE - Robbie Little, currently the WRS Athletic Director, has worked and trained at WRS for 13 years. He holds a business degree from Ole Miss. Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Robbie specializes in training baseball players.

CHRIS GOSS - Certified Cooper Institue personal Trainer. Bachelor of Arts degree in Health and Kinesiology at University of Texas at Tyler. Played baseball for 4 years at UT Tyler and coached for 1 year.

JENNY McCORMICK - Certified Personal Trainer through both Cooper Institue and ACSM. She is also a certified Zumba Instructor with over 15 years of dance experience. Graduated from Texas A&M in 2005 with a B.A. in Communications and Psychology.

TONY MARTINEZ - 15 years experience, BSMI certified.

ELIZABETH OATES - Certified Yoga Fit levels 1 and 2, Yoga Fit Kids, AFAA Primary, AFAA Yoga, AFAA Pilates, and PiYo. Has 8 years teaching group fitness with over 4 years teaching yoga. BA in Business Administratino from Baylor University.

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